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Development diary

Multilingual support issues and solutions


Previously, in the article"About access from overseas! About multilingual correspondence"
I reported that I made a translation page for people who are accessing from overseas. Since then, there were various things so today is that story!
It is a little story behind development, but it would be greatly appreciated.



Problems that occurred in multilingualization

For multilingual support, in addition to Japanese on the main page
We created English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean pages with many users.

The problem that came out there is roughly three and it is about 3 points.

Part 1. The site does not open easily

When accessing from China, it took more time to open the site.

When I looked it up, when accessing overseas sites from China
There seems to be censorship in some cases, and it was said that server response takes time due to the influence.

Although it is said that censorship will be entered regardless of the language if it is overseas pages
Since I did not see such a problem until I set up a Chinese page, I think that it was a cause.
But there was nothing to check, so I did not know the actual place.

Unfortunately we deal with this problem by deleting the page.

Part 2.It will be recognized as an English page in the search engine

When accessing the top page, it seems that it was automatically judged so that it can be automatically distributed to each language page depending on the viewing environment, but this was not very good.

The search engine patrols the BOT called the crawler and automatically picks up information on the site
My teacher 's crawler is in English language setting.
That is how it flows.

Crawler access to CHARAT → Fly to English page by automatic judgment → Register as English site

We stopped automatic judgment at the time of problem discovery and set the main page in Japanese.

Part3. The layout collapses

I had set the icon for the flag to switch languages
This caused the layout to collapse completely.
Now I am improving by putting icons in the menu.

in conclusion

Although it was the first multilingual correspondence, I thought that it was pretty straightforward.
Also, due to various troubles, we inconvenience you.

This time it became a bit stupid, but I hope next time I can tell you the information of the new avatar makers!
Well then, please continue to CHARAT avatar maker!


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