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Press release

Notice of "CHARAT Petit" closed β test conducted


Thank you for always using "CHARAT Avatar Maker".


This time I was informed for a while
"CHARAT Petit" will be completed soon, so it is a notification of the beta test!

"CHARAT Petit" is designed with a lower head body than "CHARAT Avatar Maker"
It is an avatar maker that can make more deformed "Chibi character (chibi)".


From Tuesday, November 8, 2016,
"CHARAT Petit" closed beta test (hereinafter CBT) will be carried out.
In this announcement I will introduce CBT schedule and participation method.



CBT overview

About CBT

At CBT, we ask for your cooperation in advance by membership registration or participation application
We are aiming for testing malfunctions, server load checks and so on.
During the CBT period, due to the nature of "test", in order to carry out occasional maintenance
Connection may become unstable etc. There is a case.

CBT scheduled period

November 8, 2016 (Tuesday) - November 15, 2016 (Tue)

About stored data during CBT period

Avatar data saved during the CBT period is
You can use it as it is free material free illustration after the CBT period.

way to participate

Please access the following URL
You will be able to browse by entering the invitation code.


To those who do not have an invitation code

Those who are registered as members on Twitter or those who have not yet registered as members
If you want an invitation code please contact us or send a reply on Twitter!

Also, I'm happy if you can register as a member on this occasion
We will be able to fine-tune parts and reverse as well!

Well then, thank you for "CHARAT Avatar Maker" in the future.


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