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Press release

Notice of release of Android application "CHARAT Avatar Maker Lite"


January 30, the first Android application of CHARAT
"CHARAT Avatar Maker Lite" has been successfully released!

Download it here


Half of those who are watching at this point

"Because it is an iPhone, it does not matter!"

It seems to have been thought.
I'm sorry. Someday I will develop with iOS so that I can develop it ...!



The application released this time is based on the web version "CHARAT Petit".
"CHARAT Petit" is here → /dash/

Background of development of light version

Depending on our circumstances, the applications released this time include the WEB version CHARAT Avatar Maker.
Like other "avatar creation application" and "caricature maker" application
The usual part selection button is not attached.

Instead, in response to actions such as a screen tap or shake (swinging a smartphone), turning it over
We incorporate a mechanism whereby avatars are created.

In the meantime, why did you decide to remove individual part buttons for this application
As I explain the background

「strong>"I wanted to make an application for small children."

It will be a story that I talked to the people

mall children are curious about their mother's smartphone.

Why are you interested?
It seems that your child sees "relationship between mama and that thing".

I feel that things that mother always touches, that I take care of is "an important thing."
It seems that you will be interested in things from there.

Of course, I think that there are people who are interested in machinery since childhood
The story of this time is an image of a little older than that.

Listen to such a story

Intuitive operation of applications
· Pictures change by touching and moving
· Simple UI

I thought that it would be possible for anyone to play such a mechanism, I designed the application of this time.

About the future of application development

However, most of the people who visit this site
I want to change my clothes! I think that there are more people.

In the next work, it is possible to select individual parts first,
If possible, I would like to think about an application that incorporates "gimmick unique to the application" that could not be realized with the WEB version.

Written by charatme(@charatme).

The application can be downloaded from the following.
Please try playing once by all means!


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