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Character Goods

Production cost of self-made acrylic key holder, deals?


Today 2/2 is "Twin Tale Day".
This is a proper anniversary set by the Japan National Day Society.
I thought that a nice twin tail image was posted on various parts of the net and it was wonderful.

By the way By the way, what is the first thing you think of as character goods?
I think acrylic key holder.


Staple of character goods, acrylic key holder

Recently, even at home electronics mass retailers such as Yodobashi cameras
Designed based on animation and cartoon characters
Acrylic key holders are on sale!

Although it is such popular acrylic key holder,
Today it is time to easily create your own original goods.

In particular, the acrylic key holder, commonly called Akky
From the balance of ease of making · visual quality · price etc.
Commercial, popular regardless of coterie!

Acrylic key holder? How about a rubber strap?

Personally, it is difficult to throw rubber straps
There are various hurdles in the handling traders that are few in the first place.

For example

· Minimum lot from 100 pieces
· Tens of thousands of yen for mold cost only
· More than 2 months in production days
· Production at overseas plants in China
· It is difficult to create data for submission

Such a feeling has various hurdles high.
I want you to be simpler.

In the case of Rubast, because it becomes processing of rubber or PVC rather than printing
Many places have a full-fledged factory for processing
That is why it is natural that costs will be incurred.

The story got it to be robust.
I will return the subject to the acrylic key holder.



Let's make your own acrylic key holder!

Such a popular acrylic key holder
For self-made people saying "I would like to make it myself!"
Where can I make it easier or lower price?
I would like to investigate!


Even everyone in the service managed by familiar Pixiv God「pixivFACTORY」 operates deal with the production of acrylic key holders.

The price is 1000 yen or less

You can order from a minimum of 1, the price is from 850 yen.
And including postage ~.
I am amazing at this point, but ...
What's even more amazing is next.

Easy to do easily by anyone

The creator prepares only the transparent image!
All you need to do is cut paths and all the troublesome things. It is a shock service like a feeling like it.

Ah, calling a genius too ....

It is 10 business days from order to shipment.
Since it is a holiday on Saturdays and Sundays, it takes about two weeks until it arrives at hand.


Graphic」also deals with original acrylic key holders.

Just a little high

The price when ordering 1 piece is 1050 yen.
It is somewhat higher than 880 yen of pixivFACTORY.

The discount rate is attractive!

However, Graphic will exercise his mastery when I order a large quantity.
Because the discount rate is better than PixivFACTORY!

For example, the price when ordering 2 pieces is 1400 yen.
At this point the unit price per piece will be 700 yen
1 to 10 pieces are less than pixiv FACTORY which is uniformly set to 850 yen / piece.

Instead, we have to prepare data for submission
It's not easy to just upload images.

It is 7 business days from order to shipment.
Since it is open for unpaid all the year, I wonder if I should try it for about a week until I reach it at hand.


"MYDOO" is widely responded from small lot to large order

The most powerful in terms of price!

Even one piece is 370 yen, and if you ask 500 pieces or more, the unit price will drop to 200 yen.
What is written so far, but maybe "Oh no ... It's good here already" maybe.
Excuse me.

But the problem is

However, the shipping costs will be 600 yen.
So, if it is too little it may cost money in reverse.
If you order a lot, 600 yen of shipping fee will not matter anyways.

Since the submitted data is only .ai or .psd
Up image and finish high! It will not be.



To make your own

People who overflow in the DIY spirit, it is recommended to process the acrylic board yourself!

Materials raised at 100

Acrylic boards are also sold at home centers
When you buy it in such a place, the material cost will be over and you will be in a big deficit.
Go for 100 yen uniformly and find a box made of acrylic and so on.

What you need for die-cutting is fighting and guts

I cut the acrylic box I saw with a saw.
Because acrylic boards are very strong
Be careful not to get injured while paying attention and let's get started.

After stepping through the mold, the next step is to polish the corners round with sandpaper or stick file.
If it takes time here, the finishing afterwards will be different.
Premium furniture is such a horny corner.

Merge the picture!

Paste the printed picture on the back side.
Let's do it carefully, as everything will be over if it's misaligned.
Put the resin and varnish over the pasted picture and wait until it solidifies.

Finally drill a hole, complete the metal fittings installed!
If I can endure the trouble of cutting acrylic
Because it can be made at my own timing, handmade is also surprisingly good?

One in the family, the age of the original character

Acrylic key holders in the first place
Why do not you price so bad if you buy it normally?

Of course, things sold as products are
"Illustration fee" "license fee" etc
Although it is not simply a comparison with production costs.

It is a feeling that it is now time to make goods individually.
As the ordering system is steadily increasing
I will manage somehow if I can even make characters.

Everyone in a way that suits himself
Please enjoy making your own acrylic key holder.

written by charatme(@charatme)


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