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Add name input function to avatar maker!



It is said today that "February 22" is "cat day" in Japan.
It is said to be 222 (mew-mew-mew).

Even those who are developing "cat avatar maker" will also update as soon as the current update work has stabilized
We will start working so please wait a little more until release!

For now, out of the updates we are currently working on
We have announced that the addition of your name input function has been completed!



Add name input function

In today's update, we added a new function "Name input function".

When you enter a name on the first name input screen
You can output avatar images with your name!

Flow of creation Part 1

Name input screen
When you let the TOP page proceed towards the avatar creation screen
The screen like the one above is displayed.

Flow of creation Part 2

Input with software keyboard
Tap the input field and the software keyboard will appear
So enter your name.

Flow of creation Part 3

After entering your name
After that, if you tap "GO!" It will transition to avatar creation screen.

Afterwards if you can create as usual
The name is supposed to be included at the completion of creation!

Flow of creation part 4

Creation complete
The image after completion of creation is like this.
Please do try it♥

Font story

The font used for the name input function added this time is
It is called 「F1-TonboB.


About design

Masanobu Naruzawa Production Logotype
Quoted from:

Professor Masanobu Naruzawa who designed this font
That representative sake in that Japanese, including that "Kirin Beer" logo

Logotype such as "Ichiban-Shibori" "Tanrei" "Torabayu" was also designed
Very, very, very amazing! It is a great person of the logotype world!

License agreement

Regarding the license of font use
We use it with permission from "Skill Information"S" Co., Ltd.".

in conclusion

Please enter the name of additional function, please use by all means.


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