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Development diary

developing a dress-up web application "dress-up maker"!


Hello.I'm Carat(@charatme).

"CHARAT cat maker" released the other day has received a positive evaluation from players. Thank you very much.
I plan to update regularly, so I'm happy if someone who has already played gets a while to see it.

Progress of Dressup Maker

Although it was "Dress Up Maker (Tentative)" previously announced, development began in earnest as it was able to publish "cat maker" well.

First of all, while making basic parts, we are thinking about the function to implement based on opinions and impressions received up to now.

"I wish I could have such a function, I wish I could," or "I do not need it!" Or even with e-mail or Twitter, I would be happy if you could give us your opinion.
For the time being we are currently considering the following functions.

1.Change the color of the main line at once

Have you noticed the illustration of violet or light blue color on the main line?
The atmosphere changes pretty well, and I like it because its appearance is cute.

Changing the color of the line looks like this. Do not you see the illustration?
Although it is not requested in particular, I think that it is installed because I want to personalize it.

2.Zoom around the face

When editing an avatar, is it difficult to see the face part?

In fact, the nose and mouth used in illustrations are much smaller than reality.
In illustration expression, the part of the nose is almost like "point".
I can not see it when I leave far.

Therefore, I hope to have a zoom function!
Implementation is not difficult, but the operation may be heavy.
I will implement it if there is no problem in the test.

3.2 Shot function

I am often asked for this.
It is a function to output two avatars side by side.
It might be fun to choose your friend's avatar.

4.Change in color of clothes

We received a considerable demand.
There is implementation guidance here, but the amount of work is huge and time-consuming.
Hair colors such as "cat maker" are realized by automatically outputting color variations in advance, so apply this function.

5.Hair Mesh

There were also quite a few demands for this.
I was worried about how to implement it, but recently I noticed that it is possible to divide parts like extensions.
I think that the atmosphere can be reproduced.

It may be easier to use as long as it can be installed together with the movement of the position of the part etc.

6.Create parts by user

This is a function that you can use by uploading user created parts.
I hope for what I can do ... I hope I can ... ... That will be a story of the future.

Other. Is not there a boy 's version? (anger)

I do not know well the boy's clothes well
I'm sorry, but the addition is quite late ....


There are various delusions at this stage, but I would like to realize it before summer vacation.
We will also report progress, so thank you.


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