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"Charaft" This Moe character avatar creation service is amazing!


Hello. I'm Carat(@charatme).

I will introduce the application after a long absence.

Everyone, have you played "Charaft" already?
Eager avatar creators may already know that.
It is a new character maker which was released at the end of April.

This time, I will introduce such "Charaft".



Official explanation

"Charaft" is a free service that makes it easy to create your own original character and easy to play.

Quoted from:

I actually made it

1.Choose a man or woman

When you start by click "Charaft Suru(Start)" From the TOP page, you go to the sex selection screen.
However, here is one problem ... There are only options GIRL!

It seems that there is only a female version for now.
※ There was an announcement scheduled to be added from the official version of the male version in future.

Let 's proceed to the next while hoping for updates now.

2.Character design

I will design the character by choosing my favorite parts.
The categories of parts are fairly finely divided.
Especially, accessory related is unrivaled fulfillment for the other.

Category enhancement

If you say how much you are fulfilling

"Eyeglass" "Horn" "Hat" "Necklace" "Shoulder" "Glove" "Feather" "Bear Ear" "Tail" "Right Hand" "Left Hand" "Something (Katana) on the Back"
These are all independent categories and are selectable.

You can also do things like "Dragon in a girls high school girl who has a demonic beast in the eyepatch and an angel dragon" attribute maroon rush.
Attribute excess is a losing flag.

Also, you can choose the chest size from S / M / L.
It is a commitment specification that also changes the shape of the clothes properly.
It is already quite big already at the stage of M ....

Let's go next if you can do good.

3.Character completion

I made characters. You did it!
In general, I have finished saving images here, but "Charaft" can be set more precisely.

Let's go next.

4.Background / layout editing

On this page you can decide the placement of the character.
You can move the character to the desired position with vertical / horizontal movement, zoom, tilt change etc.
And finally choose the favorite background!

This is what I finally saved!

This is what I finally saved!

How about that? It sounds nice.
Since operation is not difficult, I think that I can make crisp without being particularly troubled.

If you search on hashtag #charaft on Twitter you can also see characters made by other people.
Everyone is a Let 's make - up.



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