What is "CHARAT"?

CHARAT is a service that allows anyone to easily create and play with an image maker * 1 .

* 1 What is an image maker?
The system is to create new illustrations by combining illustrations divided for each part such as hair, eyes, clothes.

Characteristics of CHARAT


Official manufacturer with a wide range of use※2

Images created by CHARAT officially created image maker can also be used for commercial use!

* 2 Official mark is attached to the image maker created by the official.


High-performance image maker creation system

There is a system that anyone can easily create a sophisticated image maker.


Interaction between users

After playing with the image maker, we created a mechanism to support creators by pressing the "Like!" Button.
You can also use the comment function * 3 to directly tell your creators your feelings.

Features of the image maker creation system


Intuitive UI

Most operations are completed with a tap and swipe.


No program knowledge required

If you can layer illustrations, you can make them.


OK without a PC

Easy operation from smartphone with user interface for smartphone!


You can choose the disclosure range

You can choose between a "private" mode where only people who know the link can play, and a "private" mode where only you can play.


Display author name in copyright

You can put copyright on the image to prevent unauthorized use.


Color change slider function

Even if the creator does not create a color difference, there is a function to change colors programmatically. Of course, you can also make a difference yourself!

What you can do when you register

CHARAT has many features to support the creators of the image maker and everyone who plays with the image maker.
By registering as a member, you can use these useful functions.


Image maker creation

Anyone can easily create an image maker.
Images created by Image Maker can be easily shared to SNS, so many people can play with your own Image Maker!


Edit profile

You can freely set your nickname, profile picture and profile content.
There are also input fields for Twitter ID and website URL, so you can use it as a place to advertise your creator activities!


save as bookmark※3

You can save the image maker you care about or the image maker you want to play many times.



You can check the accessed image maker as a viewing history from My Page.


Comment function※3

You can send a message to an image maker that you find interesting.
Fans and creators can communicate with each other.
(Comment permission setting can be changed in Image Maker Edit.)

※3 These features will be implemented after the official release.

Background of the image maker creation system release

CHARAT originally operated its own image makers, such as "CHARAT Honke" and "CHARAT YOCO".

As we continue to operate, we are gradually receiving requests from companies, such as "I want to campaign using an image maker" and "I want an easy-to-use image maker creation system."

Therefore, a new dedicated system was developed and operated. This time, we wanted to make it easy for anyone to create their own image maker using the existing system, and the CHARAT maker creation system was born.

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