This guideline summarizes the items that users must observe to use CHARAT comfortably.
If you violate these guidelines, we may take actions such as deletion or suspension.

Before using, please read the following along with "Terms of Use" .

Prohibited matter

  • Using images created by CHARAT for content that is against public order and morals, such as adulthood, violence, discrimination, slander, etc.
  • Redistribute images created with CHARAT as they are or after processing them
  • Acts of misleading CHARAT images as if they were created from scratch
  • Selling or distributing products, products, etc. mainly for images for profit
  • Tag / comment acts that defame, threaten, cause economic or mental damage or detriment
  • The act of collecting works using programs such as crawlers
  • The act of posting a large amount of the same work continuously
  • Any other action that places an extreme load on the system

About image maker submissions

About image materials to be posted

Image materials submitted by creators are limited to those for which the poster has intellectual property rights such as copyright.
Please submit your image material after fully understanding the intellectual property rights.

Content that is prohibited from posting

  • Offenses that violate crime, laws or public order and morals, and those that justify them
  • Including what is forbidden by the rules and policies, acts equivalent to them, and promoting expressions
  • Description of genitals, distorted sexual acts, or those that can easily image them
  • What leads to child prostitution, child pornography or child abuse
  • Those who do not respect freedoms such as religion, politics, race, creed, occupation, gender, etc.
  • What leads to sites unrelated to content
  • In general, something that gives discomfort or disgust to others
  • What does not fit the purpose of the service

Available range of images created by Image Maker

For creator image makers

In general, images created by the image maker posted by the creator can be used only for non-commercial and personal use.
Example: SNS icon, header image, print only for your own enjoyment, etc.
However, if the description of the image maker describes the scope of use, etc., follow that.

* Regardless of the content of the creator, all image makers are allowed to play with the image maker, download the created image, and share it on SNS.
* It is possible for the creator himself to use the image created by his own manufacturer for commercial use. Since the copyright of the created data belongs to the creator, there is no restriction on use other than CHARAT.
Example: A corporation creates an image maker with CHARAT, and uses that image on a corporate website, app, etc
Example: An illustrator creates an image maker in CHARAT, and uses that image for LINE stamps and goods production and sells it

For official Maker

Images created by the official maker * 1 can be used for commercial use.
However, please use it to the extent that it assists your design (product).
Please refrain from making a lot of variations just by swapping images.
Example: Stickers, T-shirts, can badges, etc. just with images

* 1 Official maker is a general term for image manufacturers produced by CHARAT official. Official maker have an official mark.

Usage examples

  • Use as avatar icons in games and SNS
  • Personally make goods such as key chains and can badges and enjoy * up to about 10 productions
  • Draw a new illustration based on the use as drawing material or created data
  • Used for only part of the design as a material for business cards, postcards, T-shirts, apps, etc.

See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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