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This page explains the CHARAT service and the rules and regulations for using the images you have created.
You can also find more information in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

What is CHARAT?

It is a web service that allows you to create your own avatar or original character with simple operations.

OK Features of CHARAT

  • You don't need to install anything to start playing!
  • There are many parts, so the possibilities are endless depending on the combination! It's easy to give shape to your own image!
  • You can use your avatar for commercial purposes (*except in some cases).

What can avatars (images) be used for?

OK What can avatars (images) be used for?

  • Icons and headers for social networking services such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tiktok
  • Use as illustrations in novel submission services such as Novelist ni Naro'u and Kakuyom.
  • For use as materials for goods such as can badges and key chains for doujin distribution.
  • For use as materials for printed materials such as business cards, postcards, doujinshi, stickers, etc.
  • Use on Hatena Blog, note, Ameblo, and other blogs Use in programming tools such as Scratch, Programin, etc.
  • Use in programming tools such as Scratch, Programin, etc.
  • Use as in-video material on video services such as YouTube, Twitch, Tiktok, Nico Nico Douga, etc.

If you use the above example, you can use it freely without needing any special credit.

NG These types of usage are prohibited.

  • Selling the created digital data itself for a fee.
  • Impersonating the author of the work.
  • Producing goods and selling them through commercial (major) distribution.
  • To be used with crowdsourcing services
  • Damaging the credibility of this site or causing trouble.

About collaborations, etc.

"Forever 7th Capital" collaboration parts have been implemented. You can use them within the scope of our site rules.

"CHARAT Honke"
5th Floor,Inc.
"Puchinoko Maker"
You can use this site within the scope of our site rules.

If you have any other requests for collaboration projects, content creation, or advertising, please feel free to contact us.

Operating Environment

CHARAT will run on the following browsers. If it does not work, please try using the following browsers.


iOS 10 or higher (11 or higher recommended)
Safari (latest)/Google Chrome (latest)


Android 9 or higher (10 or higher recommended)
Google Chrome (latest)


・Google Chrome(latest)


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