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Usage guidelines
This page explains this service to the person who accessed CHARAT for the first time.
What is CHARAT?
It is a web service that makes your avatar and original character with simple operation.
Currently there are 8 kinds of WEB applications, and the number of avatars made up to now is over 3 million! (As of the end of September 2018)
What can I use images for?
You can use it.
  • Commercial / non-commercial use (except sales and redistribution of data)
  • Production and distribution of prints, goods, novelties etc (degree of extent to collect free distribution or cost)
  • Use as drawing material and draw new illustrations based on the data created
Please do not use like this.
  • Utilization in content that is against public order and morals
  • Redistribution or sale of created data (Prohibited regardless of image processing)
  • Speak that the author is yourself, making acts as an author, and acts that cause such misunderstandings
Operating environment
CHARAT works with the following browsers. Some other browsers will also work, but if it does not work please try with the following browser.


・ IOS 10 or more (11 or more recommended)
・ Safari (latest) / Google Chrome (latest)


・ Android 4.4 or higher (5.0 or higher recommended)
・ Google Chrome (Latest)

For PC

・ Google Chrome (Latest)

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