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Terms of service

  • "This site(CHARAT) is developed and operated by LIBRE Inc."
  • "Information in this txt file is subject to change without notice."
  • "Please follow the latest rules in using this site."
  • "Do not sales of data on this site whether or not the model is altered."
  • "Do not pretend to be the Administrator of this site."
  • "Do not use this data created by this site for political/religious propaganda or criminal acts."
  • "This site is created on the premise of browsing with Google Chrome."
  • "Can not will not provide any supports, if you browsing this site with other browsers and encounter any troubles."
  • "If you make and upload something agaist these rules, We may request you to remove it and to stop using this site."

2018 Sep. 5

"If you have any questions and/or report of problems, you can contact me via twitter or e-mail."

"However, We will take some time to reply because We are not good at English. Thank you."