In our service "CHARAT V", we sell data of models created with Live2D in order for you to be active as a VTuber.
The creation method is a semi-order system.
Please create an avatar that you like using the avatar maker "CHARAT GENEIS", and then contact us using the mail form on this web page.
Data will be created based on it.
This data is also compatible with "Vtube Studio" and "Facefig".


Low Price

A full-body Live2D model, including basic animation, can be purchased starting at 298 USD.


Quick Delivery

We will start creating the data and deliver it in as little as one week and generally within 30 days.
*Delivery dates are approximate.
We will start work in the order of application, so the delivery date may be slightly extended depending on the situation.


Types of Software Support

Compatible with Vtube Studio, PrprLive, Facerig and Animaze! After importing the data, you can immediately start streaming or shooting videos.


Your Design

Using our web service "CHARAT GENESIS", you can create your own original design, so it's easy to give shape to your image!


Commercial Use

You can use the data you receive for commercial purposes on video platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Of course, you can also monetize it.


Quality improvement

With the Premium Plan, we will add shading and other details to the data to improve the quality.

Sample Live2D Model

Here are some examples of Live2D models that we create on this site.
*The Live2D models shown are for the Premium Plan.

Live2D Showcase

Sample Live2D Data

You can download our Live2D sample data by clicking the button below.(Cannot be used for any purpose other than operation check.)
Please import this data into Facerig or other software and check the model.
For detailed information on how to use the data and terms of use, please refer to the readme file included in the package.
*The sample data available for download is for the Standard Plan.


The creator's social network.
Please follow us as we upload illustrations and other information.

Image comparison

The quality of the Premium plan is higher than the Standard plan.
We adjusts the body shape and details, and adds shadows to the image, which makes it more beautiful.
You can move the bar in the middle of the image to compare it with the previous one, so please try it.

Special Thanks Salem Tsuchigumo

before after

Plan Information

There are three types of plans available for CHARAT V.
Please check the details and choose the plan that best fits your needs.
*All listed prices are including tax.


Models that allow a full range of movement

299 USD
  • High resolution PNG
  • Breathing
  • Body tilt and XY axis movement
  • Opening and closing of the eyes and eye movements
  • Opening and closing the mouth
  • Eyebrow movement
  • Hair movement
  • *Additional 50 USD per item will be charged for headwear items (hats, animal ears, masks, etc.)


For those who are particular about character quality and movement.

599 USD
  • All contents of the Standard plan
  • Wider range of motion than standard plan
  • Add shading/highlighting
  • Shaking of eye highlights(physical calculation)
  • Hair swaying movement(physical calculation)
  • Cloth swaying movement(physical calculation)
  • Make your eyes look like smiling faces
  • Eyes when surprised
  • Facial expression switching key(Blushing face, Angry, Glitter eyes, Eye highlights off)
  • *Additional 50 USD per item will be charged for headwear items (hats, animal ears, masks, etc.)


For those who want to focus on detailed movements and expressions.

999 USD
  • All contents of the Premium Plan
  • Wider range of motion than premium plan
  • Mouth movement according to vowels
  • Shaking of arms and fingers (physical calculation)
  • Shake the ruffles and other small parts.
  • Facial expression switching key(Sweat, teary eyes, (><)eyes, heart eyes, shiny eyes, pale face, fall to the dark side)
  • *Additional 50 USD per item will be charged for headwear items (hats, animal ears, masks, etc.)

Option fee

Additional Options

Special parts support

Add 50 USD per item

Add movement to special parts such as animal ears, tails, and wings.


Add 50 USD

Adjust the character's bust line, waist area to hips.
*It is only an adjustment of body lines, so it is difficult to make them muscular or make them look like a young man or an old man.

Change bust size

Add 50 USD

Adjust the character's bust size and add breast swaying motion in Live2D.

The gesture of sticking out one's tongue

Add 100 USD

Add a motion to stick out your tongue. (Tracking with VTubeStudio and iPhone is required)

*Additional options are available only for Premium and Master plans.

Production Flow

This is a series of steps from Order to delivery.


Model / design creation

Go to "CHARAT GENESIS" and create a design by combining the parts.
Get the creation URL from the page that appears after completion.


Order & Quotation

Please fill out and submit the "Order Form". We will contact you within business days with a quotation by e-mail (quotation is free of charge).


Start - Design brush-up

After confirming your payment, we will start to create the Live2D model. For the Premium Plan, we will first brush up the design drawings. The design drawing will be sent to you approximately 5 days after your contact. If there are no problems, we will start the modeling process.


Modeling - Completed

We will contact you by e-mail when we start the modeling work. The Live2D model data will be ready in about a week after the work starts. After that, please check the Live2D data and if there are no problems, the work will be completed.
*If the size of the data is too large to be sent and received by e-mail, we may change the method to uploading the data to our server.


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.
Tap on the question part to see the answer.


A.We will reply to your inquiry within 3 business days (10:00-17:00 Japan time).
If you do not receive a reply from us, please consider the following possibilities.
*It may have been treated as spam mail.
*Your e-mail address is incorrect.
*You are not able to receive emails.
We apologize for the inconvenience, please contact us again using the mail form, DM on Twitter(@charatme), or email.

A.Please you can use it freely.

A.You don't have to pay us.

A.Sure, go ahead.

A.Not necessarily, but if you would like to write a credit, that would be great for us.
If you do, please mention "CHARAT" and link to "https://charat.me/".

A.It is possible, so please use it. Please contact us via mail form or email. Additional fees will be required, but we will take care of it.

A.We can modify the model once for the standard plan and twice for the premium plan.
*Rigging process by Live2D is started, the design of the model cannot be changed.

A.The copyright of the character belongs to you.
Only the copyright of the Live2D data belongs to us.

A.We can't create something that you don't own the copyright to.

A.For an additional fee, you send us the material of drawing via e-mail or mail form. However, it is difficult to adjust to the huge size.

A.We can adjust the character's body lines to make it look more like a boy to some extent. This will be an additional fee.

A.We can't change the height of the character.
However, we can change the size of the character's head.
By doing this, the character's body shape will be change.

A.Our staff is Japanese.
We communicate to you in English, but we are still learning English, so our English may be poor.


Please check before you order.

  • Delivered data is not in cmo format.
  • We may publish our production process and models.
    If you do not wish to be listed, please contact us.
  • You need to have software knowledge and peripheral devices such as smart phone or computer, webcam.
  • We do not transfer copyrights.
    Please refrain from redistributing or making your own remarks.
  • We can not produce a Fanfiction.
  • You can not cancel an order after purchase.
  • Payment method is only PayPal.
  • We can not modify a models after delivery.
  • We may change some of the designs to make the characters animation.
    In this case, the character you sent us may change a little.
  • Do not use it for criminal activities.
  • We will not be held responsible for any problems that may arise from the use of the delivered model.

Order form

We are currently not accepting new applications.
Please wait for a while until commissions resume.

StatusCommission Closed
Reopening Date2023-12-01
*We have set a limit on the number of orders we can produce at the same time so as not to exceed our capacity. If the number of orders reaches the limit, the orders will be processed sequentially.

Pre-Made Live2d Model

Sample Live2D models created on this site are available for sale.
The data you purchase can be used as avatars for VTuber activities, applications, games, and online chat.
You are free to use this data to generate revenue.

*Prohibited matters Duplicating, modifying, or redistributing this data, or saying that you made it yourself.
Slander, defamation, statements that hurt others, or acts that are offensive to public order and morals.
Creating or selling products (OK for hobbyists, but not for large-scale distribution)


Updates and announcements.

  • 2022.10.21

    Due to a rush of orders, we have temporarily suspended accepting orders, but will temporarily resume accepting orders as we have a cancellation slot available.

  • 2022.10.19

    Commissions are temporarity closed.

  • 2022.10.3

    Commissions are back on.

  • 2022.9.2

    Commissions are temporarity closed.

  • 2022.9.1

    Due to a rush of orders, we have temporarily suspended accepting orders, but will temporarily resume accepting orders as we have a cancellation slot available.

  • 2022.9.1

    Commissions are temporarity closed.

  • 2022.9.1

    Commissions are back on.

  • 2022.6.16

    Commissions are temporarity closed.

  • 2022.6.15

    Commissions are back on.

  • 2022.5.16

    Commissions are temporarity closed.

  • 2022.5.6

    Commissions are back on.

  • 2022.4.2

    Commissions are temporarity closed.
    The scheduled resumption date is around May.

  • 2022.4.1

    Commissions are back on.

  • 2022.3.26

    Pre-models on sale are now compatible with VTubeStudio.
    If you have already purchased a model and want a VTS-compatible model, please re-download the model.

  • 2022.3.10

    Commissions are temporarity closed.
    The scheduled resumption date is around April.

  • 2022.2.9

    Commissions are temporarity closed.
    The scheduled resumption date is March 10.

  • 2022.2.8

    Commissions are back on.

  • 2022.1.9

    Commissions are temporarity closed.
    The scheduled resumption date is February 8.

  • 2022.1.6

    Commissions are back on.

  • 2021.12.08

    Commissions are temporarity closed.
    The scheduled resumption date is Jan 6.

  • 2021.11.20

    Commissions are back on.

  • 2021.10.20

    Commissions are temporarity closed.
    The scheduled resumption date is Oct 20.

  • 2021.9.23

    Commissions are back on.

  • 2021.9.12

    Commissions are temporarity closed.
    The scheduled resumption date is Sep 23.

  • 2021.9.12

    Commissions are back on.

  • 2021.9.11

    Showcase video added.
    Added support for PrprLive.

  • 2021.8.22

    Commissions are temporarity closed.
    The scheduled resumption date is Sep 12.

  • 2021.8.20

    Commissions are back on.

  • 2021.8.9

    Our office will be in summer break between Aug. 10 and Aug. 19.

  • 2021.7.23

    Commissions are temporarity closed.
    The scheduled resumption date is August 10.

  • 2021.7.15

    Commissions are back on.

  • 2021.7.4

    Showcase video added.

  • 2021.7.3

    CHARAT's official VTuber has debuted!

  • 2021.6.23

    Commissions are temporarity closed.
    The scheduled resumption date is July 15.
    At that time, we plan to change the contents of some options.

  • 2021.5.19

    The order form now includes an estimated delivery date.

  • 2021.5.5

    Due to the rush of orders, we have temporarily removed the rush delivery option.
    Added "Masculinize" and "Change bust size" options.

  • 2021.3.27

    Added support for Vtube Studio.
    If you have previously ordered with the data format option,we will make your data compatible with Vtube Studio for free.
    Please contact us by email if you need it.

  • 2021.3.21

    Image comparison between Standard and Premium plans.

  • 2021.3.15

    We have stopped accepting applications for the Lite Plan. (Resumption is yet to be determined.)

  • 2021.3.11

    The site is now open to the public.