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We have released the "Profile Beauty Maker".
We've added the "Cool and Stylish Portrait".
We have fixed a bug in the "Loose & Cute Portrait".

List of Generators

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'Easy-Peasy Portrait' is a web service where you can create original portrait icons.
You are generally free to use the portrait illustrations you have created.
Please check the 'Guideline' for details.


    The following uses are OK

  • Use by individuals, corporations, and for non-commercial purposes
  • Use as material for videos such as YouTube, Tiktok, Twitch, website and blog icons, SNS icons, business cards and flyers
  • Processing such as adding drawings, trimming, color adjustment

    The following uses are NOT OK

  • Nuisance acts such as attacking specific targets
  • Redistribution and sale of data
  • Use for purposes that violate public order and morals